Made to measure

Handmade in Napels.

Visit us at our shop in Amsterdam to have your suit tailored to your own wishes.

From the lining fabric to the colour of the threads: you may choose your own buttons, lapels and pockets as well.
Finally, create your own signature by, for example, having your initials or wedding date/name embroidered in the suit.

After 3/4 weeks we do a fitting. It might need a final touch. If necessary, final adjustments are made and finished in one or two working days.

Initials are free of charge

Your suit, jacket, trousers and/or shirt will be delivered to your desired location within 3/4weeks.

Custom made price
Shirts starting from €80,-
Suits starting from €400,-

Flagiello's Tailored Blazers and Trousers

Flagiello's Tailored Coats


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